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Get Your At-Home Game On – NFL Season is Here!

By September 7, 2021September 12th, 2021No Comments

We’re not taking sides when it comes to the opening match-up between the Buccaneers and the Cowboys, but we will share our Kailua Town playbook with a lineup of fan-pleasing platters and provisions for a Game Day at home so that no one is stuck in the kitchen when the action begins. Even though we can’t share our football fervor with a large, noisy crowd at this time, tasty grinds are always something to cheer about.

Poke & Banchans by the Pound

Fresh local fish scores big with The Hibachi’s loyal following of poke lovers. Team up the wide selection of poke with one or more house-made banchan (sides), including Hibachi mac salad, assorted kim chee, ginger shoyu tofu and others – all sold by the pound. Also find marinated meats, like BBQ chicken and boneless kalbi, to hibachi at home.

Ready to Roll

If you’re new to Up Roll Café Kailua, think tricked-out hand-rolled sushi. Loaded with fresh veggies; rice, lettuce or quinoa; and protein such as raw ahi or salmon, snow crab, vegan inari or pulled teriyaki chicken, each generous burrito-style sushi roll can be a balanced meal in itself. For a game day gathering, Party Platters make it easy to share, with a choice of four pre-cut rolls. The Family Platter gives you a choice of three main rolls and three keiki rolls. Both platters serve 4 to 5 people, and deciding on a winning combo may come down to a coin toss.

Big Value at Big City

Big City Diner platters score big when it comes to value, and each easily feeds your indoor group of 10. Find an abundant selection of platters on the catering menu, including fan favorites like pulehu New York Steak with grilled onions and mushrooms, baby back ribs with BCD’s famous guava BBQ sauce, and grilled tequila chicken and portobello mushrooms stacked on a bed of fresh spinach. Score an extra point when you walk in the door with a platter of Mama’s bread pudding.

Bring on the Brewskis

Don’t be left empty-handed in the end zone without a brew. Up the game with a growler or two of your favorite Maui Brewing Company craft beer, or check out the latest line-up of local and mainland beers and hard ciders available for growler fills at Grace in Growler’s Beer Bar.